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Why buy the omelette?
The omelette is a typical product of this land. No you can go from here without having it tested.
What it makes special?
Taste: this product has a history dating back to the years in which Christopher Columbus discovered America.
Culture: is important because it is our culture and apart must not lose the gastronomic tradition of our country.
Its elaboration: it is very easy to make, plus only need: potatoes, eggs, and onions (which is optional).
here is the recipe.
Spanish ommelet recipe: (for 6 people)
Duration: 30 min.
Ingredients: 8 eggs camperos or 10 normaes, 1 kg of potatoes, 1 onion large (optional), salt (to the taste), oil of olive vigen extra.
This is the recipe with onions for is much more rich.
1.We peel the potatoes, the wash to remove remains of dirt and very important, them dry. We cut semifinas sliced, I don't dump that to fry them be toasted a little like me. We put them in a large bowl, then we are going to mix with the egg and add salt to taste. Stir well and set aside.
2. We choose our largest and most non-stick skillet. It put to the fire and add a good oil of olive Virgin extra, not have fear in spend you a bit of money in oil, you goes to give that point of flavor that distinguishes your tortilla of them others, can use many varieties: arbequina, picual, cornicabra, hojiblanca, royal... which more you like, but of quality.
3. We cut and already salted potatoes and let Cook for about twenty minutes over low heat. The theme of the thickness of the potatoes will also taste and there are who prefers to cut them into very small pieces, very finely sliced to almost break the frying and or rather large.
4. While is are frying the potatoes, in the Bowl where then are going to throw the potatoes beat them eggs, reserve. Peel the onion and cut more thinly. In another pan heat evoo and add the pieces of onion. Poached until a golden color, having a point of caramelization but without burning. The Onion will be before potatoes, drain and add to the bowl with the egg mixture.
Hopefully that enjoyment of this delicious delicacy

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